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Welcome to "A Spouse's Story...PTSD"

This is a place for ALL people, all nations, who have, are living with, know someone with PTSD, or would like to educate themselves on the subject for the benefit of others.

Let me say "Hello" you can call me Bec, Becky, or Rebecca, lol...any are just fine. I am the spouse of a United States Disabled Veteran with PTSD and several other disabilities, not visible...my dear husband Craig. Just to set it straight, Craig is onboard with this.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS or in the medical field, we are a family that lives every day with PTSD. If you have an emergency please contact your local emergency hotline.

This site includes important information about and concerning PTSD and at times other mental illnesses, contact information for support groups, hotlines and crisis phones numbers, online links and other resources, service dog information, ways to cope with PTSD...tips and tricks that work for us, information regarding children and PTSD, my journal page also known as a blog, and much more!

Having a place with real life information is one of the hardest parts of learning about PTSD as the one who suffers from it or as a spouse/loved one. I don't want others to be left out. You are NOT alone!

You can also follow us on FaceBook. You will find that our FaceBook page is the down to earth us and everyday life in general living with PTSD, some serious, some just fun, and a reminder that everyday life still exists. However, I have chosen for this web site to be a little more on the serious side. PTSD is no joke, it's real, and it effects people's lives in many ways that a person not having it would not understand unless educated on it. So, that is a big part of why I am here.

Welcome to the "family"!



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