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From Craig…


From Craig:

Night after night I toss and turn, with nightmares and little sleep. In turn Bec does not get much sleep as she sleeps with one eye open watching out for me. She finally managed to get a little sleep today as we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family. I love ya babe, and thank you for taking care of me.

A Spouse’s Story PTSD


Happy Thanksgiving!

You know…you all know me and when I think of something I start typing  😉

When I started my “page” which has now lead to the website, it was my story… “A Spouse’s Story…”, a place I could share what I have been through, going through, hoping it touched someone else’s life and made a difference to them. In hopes that they wouldn’t be lost as I was. In hopes that I could provide others with information or just a shoulder to lean on of someone who honestly understands. No one in this world deserves to be alone or “lost” as I always refer to it as. I felt lost. It’s not a good place to be and I would never wish it upon anyone else. Everyone is someone and that is special! This little place I created in the huge world we live in holds a very special meaning to me. It’s a place that has ended up bringing answers to those in need. A place where those that feel safest behind closed doors can still reach out to others. A place where stories can be shared when normally they wouldn’t be. And most of all a place where some type of healing process can begin.

I had no clue this “family” would grow the way it has! Honestly, I thought it would just be my little hole on the internet lol. I was wrong! It’s not about numbers or who has the best “page” or website, in all honesty you don’t see the numbers I do. It’s about helping, learning, caring, and sharing. It’s about being able to still smile. To know and feel like you are still alive. That life IS worth living.

See, my husband fell into a really dark place battling his illnesses, no one understood, there was no one to reach to. After many tears somehow I pulled it all together and realized I had to be the one to do something! If he was this way, how many others were the same, or even worse? That number as we all know is WAY higher then anyone can imagine and growing every day.

People are lost…I found that the only ones who can help them are the ones who have already been where they are now. I’m just a wife, a military wife for a short time compared to others, I’m not a doctor who can “solve” medical problems, I’m just another person in the world of mental illness trying to survive and help my spouse survive. The only thing I have to offer is my understanding, compassion, respect, and a big shoulder…and this little hole of mine on the internet.

YOU all are what I am thankful for! All of you have touched my life in ways I never thought possible. You made this little hole on the internet come to life. What started out as my story has become something far greater, it’s a place where many stories have come together…all in the effort to work together, to help each other and/or find the help one is seeking.

Thankful? Thankful is an understatement today! No one can place a word great enough for each and every single person who has stumbled across my “little hole” here. Thank you for being you! Life is great, even with the rollercoaster ride laid before all of us. I hope today, somehow, someway, brings a smile to you and your family! I am Thankful that in this huge world, no…we aren’t alone, no one is! TOGETHER we WILL make it! 😉

Love to each and every single one of you!