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In Memory of my Uncle…

Sunday morning, the day before memorial day, I received a phone call…My Uncle passed away.

I don’t get to see much of the family anymore. Between family medical and life itself, time passes you by before you know it. I didn’t see my uncle before he passed, something I’m sure many do not understand. But that’s okay….

See, my uncle was one of the most intelligent men I ever met. He loved his cross word puzzles, garage time, and cigars. When he spoke, everyone listened. He even taught all of us “kids”, when we were kids lol, to make paper airplanes…the ones that REALLY know how to fly lol! Each summer growing up I spent time with him and my aunt. Oh pizza! He always made sure we had pizza night! There are many fond memories of him, and the things he taught me that make me a part of who I am today, too many to even go through.

Let me tell you a story….

Back years ago now, I had a conversation with a family member, an uncle, and he told me one of the wises things I had ever heard. Our families are ones that believe you sit with and by a person’s bedside when they are dieing. Well, not by this uncle. I was told to go, to not look back, to live life to it’s fullest…but most of all? He asked me to remember him as he was, the good times, the happy days. He did not want me to remember what he looked like as he died.

WOW! That was a hard one for me! But I did it. And I’m glad I did. See, my uncle taught me to always look to the good in things, that life is not a good bye but a see you later, there are too many good memories and they need to be preserved. This uncle taught me how to cope with things in a different way. I hated not being there when he passed, or even seeing him after that conversation. Today? Today I have peace in my heart that my uncle knows I love him and knows I have always been there, even though not physically able. That’s what matters.

When you have mental illnesses/disorders in the family it does change a lot of “normal” things. Things others might not quite understand. Today, I get to see a part of my family that I haven’t seen in a long time. I pray for my aunt and their grandson as they learn to relive and heal after my uncle’s passing. My aunt was his caregiver for some time and this has been a very long, hard road for her.

My uncle will never be forgotten, and he never, not even one second was alone. He is a dearly missed man and the world sure has one more angel watching over it!…and a VERY smart one 😉 …He’s my Uncle!

Love you Uncle Ron!



PTSD’s Angel: You can clip an Angel’s Wings

You can clip an angel’s wings as many times as you want to, they never leave.

It’s not because of their clipped wings, there is a reason for them being there with and for you.

But always remember that an angel does still have those beautiful wings, and never forgets how to fly.

Never take even one second of life for granted and always know that you are blessed with the ‘angels’ that have been delivered into your life.

~Author “PTSD’s Angel” Me

A loving spouse of a United States Disabled Veteran with PTSD