Our neighbor’s got stuck… but LOOK at what it lead to!!!

our neighbor's got stuck

Morning 🙂
Yesterday is what I am going to call a “good day”! After months upon months of PTSD giving us it’s challenge, then other medical issues on top of it, I think it’s safe to say I saw a small glimpse of my husband yesterday.‪ PTSD‬ was by no means gone or at bay, but I saw Craig fight it with everything he had! I heard my husband laugh a little, and I was able to get him outside!!! It took some serious doings but it happened.

I sat here looking out the window yesterday, watching our neighbors try to get a boat on a trailer into the lake, with a vehicle that is not a 4×4. Now, our lake which you can tell by the many photos I post, is not a well used lake, it’s overgrown and wildlife is plentiful. The water level has finally after several years come back up. But it also means around the lake is muck. 😉 I know you can see where this is going.

YEP, they got stuck! Long story short, I watched another truck come in to try to pull it out, it got stuck too. Well, after awhile Craig woke up and asked me what I was looking at? I said with a chuckle, “The neighbors. Seems the guys decided to try to get the boat into the water with a Trail Blazer”. Craig got curious of course and started watching as well. And I heard a chuckle from him. He then said, “Didn’t you tell them about this lake?” I said, “Yep, sure did”.

So after awhile of watching, I told Craig I really think they need some help, there’s no way they are getting that vehicle out of there. Thinking he would budge. Nope, he didn’t. So I then said I was going outside to see if the neighbor lady (I called her by name) was outside, which I figured she was not missing all of this lol. Her and I have talked a lot since they moved in and I would say it’s on the path of forming a friendship. I let my son know I was going outside, he was home yesterday so it was actually a respite day for me. My plan was to soak up some sunshine lol.

Sure enough the neighbor lady came out when she saw me come to the fence. Her and I talked and laughed! She said the guys were determined to go fishing. After a little while, and the neighbor man and his best friend laughing as well, he came up from the lake and said they were not getting it out of there and needed a tow truck.

They called around, have any idea how much a tow truck costs on a Saturday, when you have a vehicle and trailer stuck in a lake? Let’s just say A LOT! I said, well let me see if I can get Craig to come out and bring the Tahoe down, it’s a 4×4, we can give it a try even though it may not do the job with me still having street tires on it, I haven’t put off road/all terrain tires on it yet.

I went back into the house and told Craig that they are really stuck, can we take the Tahoe down to see if we can help them? This was actually my second trip back into the house, the first was to get my snatch strap, so Craig knew what was going on. I told him what the tow truck was going to cost them and said it was ridiculous. I then said, “You really should come out. They have not even met you yet and have been here for a couple of months now. They are great people and I want you to meet them. That and it would really do you some good to get outside, it’s such a beautiful day out there.” It also would help considering some of our neighbors have started to think I am single! Because Craig is never seen. Oh my, that’s a whole ‘nother story within itself lol.

Craig finally gave in. No, the Tahoe could not do the job lol, not with the tires on it and we discovered the vehicle was frame bottomed out, back tires were just spinning in the water not touching anything. But Craig met the neighbors for the first time. PTSD was still there by all means (and wanted to retreat back into the house), anxiety was high, he had to step away at times and walk over to our property away from everyone, but no one minded! I talked with the ladies, and we laughed at the guys, lol, actually with them. Craig was back and forth to where the guys were, and they went with it without questions every time Craig had to step away, and let him without saying a word then would pick right back up when he would go back over to them.

Get this, ALL of them understand and know about PTSD!!! 😉 All of the new neighbors we got on our street a couple of months back are in the medical field and there has not been any stigma at all from any of them! They were just ALL awesome yesterday!!!

So, did the vehicle get pulled out of the lake? Yep, it sure did lol… I called my Dad! 😉 When all else fails, always call daddy and he can get the job done. 🙂 His 4×4 set up for off road and has a solid hitch, was able to snatch it out of there after a few tries. So I got to see my parents yesterday too for a little while.

Once it was all over Craig quickly shook hands with the guys, then retreated to the bedroom for the rest of the day/night, which was okay! That was a serious type of outside time for him with how he’s been for months now, but he did it!!! WE spent some time outside with the neighbors yesterday!!! I have to say that was one of the most awesome feelings I have felt in a very, very long time.

So what does Craig tell me last night? “Ya know Bec, they are really nice people, and funny.” That was enough for me to know that a small glimpse of Craig shined through yesterday. 😉 Oh, and everyone got to see that I do actually have a husband, LOL! 😉

Those are the type of days you hold onto, cherish them, let them bring you strength… because they are many times few and far in between coming and you never know what tomorrow will hold. But today… Coffee in hand and getting this new day going… with a smile 🙂

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